About MacArt

Harvesting Excitement Since 2002!

MacArt Studios has been proudly and professionally promoting the direct-to-farm tourism economy for more than a decade.  Richard and Jo MacArthur have been involved in the marketing, branding and development of many amazing rural attractions. Our experience in tourism and farm marketing has been centered in the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada. We are now scaling our efforts, and offering solutions to amazing farm marketers around the world. MacArt Studios is a family-run agri-marketing studio, located on our small family farm and sugar bush, where we raise three remarkable children and some related dependents! We are small and mighty! Richard and Jo MacArthur are here to serve the agritourism community, as we offer our wisdom and creativity on marketing, communications, tourism and product development.

Our mission with the FarmMerch project is to:

    • develop entertainment products with our partnered farms
    • enhance awareness of farm attraction industry
    • collaborate with our partner operators and innovators
    • innovate farm marketing and merchandising solutions

    FarmMerch Innovations are

    • customized to support the farm’s brand (not our own)
    • group-purchased and/or licensed for in-house reproduction
    • strategic, unique and creative to the highest professional standards

    Partners, Suppliers and Ideas Welcome! 

    e-mail your wisdoms to  We Grow Together.