Corn Mazer Table Game

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Our tough, tactile and colorful corn maze tiles feature an assortment of routed pathway shapes allowing almost infinite options for Mazing Fun. Weather-proof tiles made of composite materials and laminated for durability -  each 6" square is perfect to handle, but not too small to lose. 

Two ways to play! Creative Mode, or Challenge Mode- makes this game set up multi-purpose. Creative minds can carve out the maze shapes they like, with satisfaction behind every turn. For those looking for some organized rules- the 'Challenge' mode rules allow for game play from 2-16 players at a time. 

Used in a retail space, many mazers will use the table in "Creative" mode. Though, rules for challenge play are provided for those that want to engage in a corn mazing race.  Also, in a semi-supervised setting such as birthday parties or corporate functions- this game is sure to provide some great themed and very memorable play.

Provided with your CornMazers Game Set:

  • 60 various CornMazer tiles (6" square each) with double sided corn maze print, and lamination
  • Complete set of rules for many types of collaborative and challenging game play
  • 12 Plastic decking tiles to be used as table top surface (rain and dirt don't get trapped). hoze it all down easily for regular maintenance.
  • Table Surround Signage panels that provide all the rules for self-guided play
  • Building Plans and templates (for the table). You supply the lumber.

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